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Du nouveau chez notre New-Yorkaise à la voix de velours ; vous découvriez Dig Marie en Janvier 2015 avec les deux titres "Let Go" et "Lost In You"... La voici de retour avec son dernier single tout aussi charmant, "For It All" un titre soul d'où émane une douceur musicale sur laquelle la voix de notre américaine préférée vient se poser à merveille...



A consommer sans modération....

Thank you Dig, big Kiss...

Le petit mot de Dig :

Dig Marie New york.City New York, New York. When your music reaches listeners in the City of Lights, there is lots to be thankful for. Much love to Kam and his team at Dyna Jukebox who have been following my journey since January of last year. I appreciate their continuous support of my music. They faithfully had my 1st EP on rotation and now have been playing my newest single, (which you should also check out by clicking the link in my bio..heyyyyy!) I have always wanted to visit Paris, and with them supporting my music, I feel like I'm already there in spirit. Here is a translation of their plug. "New to our New Yorker velvet voice. We discovered Dig Marie in January 2015 with two titles "Let Go" and "Lost In You" ... Now she's back with her latest single equally charming, "For It All". A soulful title which emanates a musical sweetness on which the voice of our favorite American alights wonderfully ... Good listening on -marie-for-it-all. #loveparis#eventhoughihaveneverbeen#favoriteamerican 😊🙏🏽 🇫🇷


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